Becky Sayers

I love telling stories


Fueled by a desire to find a proper label for her son, Mrs. Westchester began her quest for answers by consulting suspected members of the local punk scene, but, unfortunately for her, she only ended up with more questions.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, known for upholding far reaches of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, demonstrated great empathy for Voorhees’ myriad of mental and physical afflictions.
Carpenter’s often-emulated sound evokes a sweet amalgamation of fear and fun — a powerful tool of genre endearment.
Fragasso had dreamed up grandiose set pieces in Africa, such as a literal Third World army of zombies and a corpse mincing plant (you’ve heard of those, right?).
The scariest thing about The Last Exorcism is not knowing what to believe in the end.


Well, lemme tell ya’ somethin’.
Victor was real good with the
videos n’ all, but he was one of
them film school kids from LA. Some
of these hunts get real rough.

I’ve worked with National
Geographic, so—

This ain’t no boring geography show
Steve. This is the bush. The nitty

The Last Buck Hunt
First 15 pages of feature screenplay for horror-comedy

Introduction to a heady thriller about a strange relationship between student and professor

Black Five
Introduction to a military thriller, set in Afghanistan



My chest was an angry mess of white hot adrenaline. I began chasing logic, like a mangy, drunk cat. Maybe? What if? How could? None of it made any sense. Each of my questions fell to pieces before it could find its form.

Friend | short story
Published in Crypticon Seattle's De-Compositions 2016

Covered by tiny grains of sand,
poking through tablets of clay
are remnants
of our lives.